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Stucco Repair Las Vegas

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Are you looking for stucco repair Las Vegas or do you need to install stucco for your house? We are stucco company providing repair and installation services across Vegas and Henderson area. 

Stucco is a plaster coating for the exterior of a house on the wall surface for decorative and functional purposes. 

Types of stucco

Cement stucco

Cement stucco is made with a mixture of sand, lime and cement it is used to coat the exterior of wall in a three layer process.

  • Pros

Cement stucco provides a wide variety of textures on the wall. It is also much more cost efficient than acrylic stucco.

  • Cons

Traditional cement stucco does not come with vibrant colors and often need to be painted to give it the bright colors people want. 

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Acrylic Stucco

Acrylic stucco is a synthetic stucco which is man-made and it is made by a kind of polymerized resin. It is usually applied in a  two layered process of a base coat and a top coat.

  • Pros

Acrylic stucco is much more elastic then cement stucco. As a result it is does crack as much. They also come in vibrant colors so you don't need to paint over it.

  • Cons

Acrylic stucco is not as much cost efficient and more costly than cement stucco. Due to being non-porous acrylic stucco often lead to water blockage in the insulation boards since the water does not have room to escape. If you are looking for stucco repair Henderson NV services, we are more than happy and able to assist you!

Advantages of having stucco


The exterior walls of a stucco finish looks beautiful. Whether it's traditional cement stucco or acrylic stucco, the finishing look is beautiful with different textures and colours. Stucco finish is often preferred by homeowners over traditional siding options due to its smooth looks.

Fire resistant

Stucco finish walls are fire resistant. It does not burn and can keep fire out of the house. Some stuccos are even installed in the interior walls for it's fire-resistant abilities.


Stucco is also a good insulator. It keeps houses cold during hot weather and warm during cold weather. It provides a good insulation for the insulating board material of the house. The material does not heat up as easily in the sun and is effective in keeping the temperature inside the house to a moderate level.

Water resistance

It is more water resistant unlike traditional wooden siding or any other kind of siding material. It keeps water away from the wall’s insulation board and keeps it dry during the rainy seasons.


There is almost no maintenance cost for stucco. A simple water cleaning can once a year can clean the stucco of any residue.


Stucco material is far more durable than any other type of exterior building material the cement acrylic base remains good for long ears it does not get damaged due to this Sun or moisture that easily

Low insurance premiums

Insurance Company prefer stucco installed houses. They often charge low premiums, if you have good quality stucco installation on your houses. Make sure to check with your Insurance Company for the details.

Stucco damages and repair

The most common type of stucco repair is due to bad installation. Other type of stucco damage happens when the buildings are old and stucco starts to deteriorate.

Water damage

Long exposure to water due to bad drainage system or leakage in the walls of the water pipeline may lead to water retention on the stucco and eventual mould development. Water damage should be properly inspected before repairs. The source of water should be fixed before installing the stucco. Cleaning the old and water damaged stucco is important. Moulds should be dried before installing the new layer of stucco.

Hairline cracking and flaking of stucco

Thin hairline cracks on stucco can make your stucco look bad and also decrease the functionality of it. Bad installed stucco can also fade over time such stucco should be replaced and newly installed with good quality material. 

Old stucco

Old stucco might failed in colour or starts to peel over time. Such stucco does not look good and decrease the value of your property if you are trying to sell it. Old stucco should be scrubbed down and a new layer of good quality stucco material should be applied over it is.

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Choosing the right type of stucco

It depends on you what type of stucco you would like to install. Our experts can provide you with their views but the ultimate decision would be yours. The pros and cons of acrylic and cement stucco has been discussed in this article and if you want to know more, you can ask our experts and discuss everything with them in detail.

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