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Stucco Repair Henderson NV

#1 Best Stucco Repair in Henderson, NV

We provide good quality stucco repair in Henderson, NV. We are a stucco company providing superior quality services all across Henderson, NV.


What is stucco?

Stucco is a type of exterior finish for houses. It came into popular use after World War II. It is used for its beautiful finish, insulating capacity and durability. It also comes in various colors, all homeowners seem to like. 

Types of Stucco Available in the Market

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Cement Stucco - Cement stucco is the most common type of stucco used in houses. It is also a Popular type for stucco. It is made up of a mixture of sand, lime and cement and applied in a three layered process over a galvanized net mesh. Cement stucco provides a wide variety of exterior textures, these textures are are obtained by raking tools and only professional experts can do proper installations.

Acrylic stucco - Acrylic stucco is a man made or synthetic form of stucco which is made by polymerized resin. It is applied in two layer process, with the base coat and a top coat. Acrylic stucco has a more lustrous finish. It is more vibrant in color and has good water resistant

Both cement stucco and acrylic stucco are resistant to fire and are good heat insulators. People choose to cover THE exterior of theIR houses with stucco due to its energy efficiency. it keeps your house cool during warm weather and warm during cold temperatures.

Types of Stucco Damages and Subsequent Repairs

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Bad installation - Unprofessionally installed stucco tend to wear away easily. The correct proportions of material and water should be mixed for a certain time and to a certain texture for perfect stucco installation. Stucco that is installed badly can come off from the walls within few years. It may fade in color, crack and show other types of problems such as flaking or peeling off. 

  • Repair: The first step in repairing a badly installed stucco is to remove the damaged an old stucco by a Mason chisel or hammer to strip away all the old and loose material. To repair the cracks, scratch coat is applied over the wall, it is then scratched. It helps for the next layers of stucco to stick better. The next step is the same as applying a new stucco. A brown coat is applied on top followed with us finish coat.

Water Damage - Water damage occurs when the stucco is exposed to water for a long time. It can happen due to bad drainage system or leakage inside the wall, either due to burst pipeline system or poor roof drainage system. When the water seeps into the wall the walls become damp and damage the stucco layer. Damp walls do not hold stucco well the stucco tend to flake or rise from the surface.

  • Repair: The first step to repair of stucco damaged due to water is to determine the source of Water leakage. Once the source of water leakage is determined, the source of leakage is taken care of. If it is the pipeline system is affected or needs to be repaired. For drainage system problem, you will be informed accordingly. After the leakage is taking care of, the stucco is repaired by the same process as above.

Hairline Cracks - Fine hairline cracks of stucco occur when the stucco mixture was not prepared correctly. Also, prolonged exposure to weather elements can cause weathering of the stucco material and cause fine hairline cracks to appear on the stucco surface.

  • Repair: Line cracks repaired by caulking. The stucco surfaces is first dampened with water and then caulk is applied on the cracks. The Caulk is sanded down to level of the stucco, then painted with the same colour as that of the stucco. The process is very simple and does not take more than an hour per batch.

Old stucco - The major type of stucco damage occurs when the stucco gets old. Old stucco might start to fade in color and start to peel off from the wall. Old stucco also lose it's capacity of insulation and start to crack from various places. If you are trying to sell your property, old stucco can decrease the value of your house.

  • Repair: Old stucco is easily replaced by removing the stucco layer with chisel and hammer. Freshly prepared new layer of stucco is applied by experts so it looks as good as new.

Stucco Damage in Acrylic Stucco

Acrylic stucco is a popular stucco material for homeowners however, one of the major problems with acrylic stucco is the water damage. Acrylic stucco is non-porous.

Water may seep into the walls of the insulating material and get trapped inside as it has no space to get out from. In that case the insulation is compromised and mould may grow inside the stucco surface.

  • Repair: If you see such damage you should immediately get it repaired as mould can grow very fast. Stucco repair Las Vegas should be done as soon as possible to decrease the cost of repair.
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