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Stucco Installation

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We provide good quality stucco installation in Las Vegas, NV. Stucco is a cement based material that provides a smooth or textured finish on the exterior or interior wall of houses. It comes in different colors and textures and are often used for wall decorative purposes as well.

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Advantages of Using Stucco

  • Beautiful finish - Stucco has a beautiful even finish with different colours available in the market. Proper installation can make your house look amazing and increase the value of your house. It gives a house an elegant look and make it stand out from others
  • Durability - Stucco finish over masonry walls make it last longer. Stucco is considered to be more durable than sliding due to its protective ability. It can withstand rain and other types of weather conditions.
  • Insulation - Stucco provides good insulation to houses due to which it is one of the favourite materials for builders and homeowners. It can withstand high and low temperature and keep the inside of houses at a moderate temperature.
  • Fire resistance - Stucco unlike wooden siding for any other wall exterior material is far more fire resistant. Most stucco installations do not catch on fire and provides safety to the actual wall.
  • Low maintenance - Stucco as a material is low maintenance. It does not require repeated painting or installation after every few years due to its durability. It can remain undamaged for years if properly installed.

Types of Stucco

  • Cement Stucco - Traditional cement stucco is made up with a mixture of cement, sand and lime mixed with water. It comes in various varieties of textures depending on the application and the type of stucco you are buying. The color is not as vibrant as acrylic stucco but the tone town color is often preferred by some homeowners.
  • Acrylic or synthetic stucco - This type of stucco is made up of different kinds of resin that is applied over exterior walls and gives smooth textured finish. It does not have as many textures as a for traditional stucco but the colors are far more vibrant and brighter than traditional cement stucco.

Our Installation

Stucco is not an easy material to install, mixing good quality material in the right proportions and proper installation is very necessary for a smooth and long lasting finish. You should always hire trained and certified professionals, who have experience in the installation to get the best quality services. 

Stucco repair and installation needs more than a couple of steps to make sure it is waterproof and long lasting. The step is installing building paper then nailing galvanize netting over the paper. Mixing the stucco materials together in the correct proportion and applying it smoothly with texture over the net material. Every step should be e meticulously performed to get the best result.

We provide world-class installation for all kinds of stucco. Our Builders are highly experienced in stucco installation across Las Vegas. We provide the best quality material and provide you with a superior quality installation that is durable and lasts for years. 

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